Our First Donation Stats


Since we are collecting donations to help cover our costs for the privacy infrastructure we operate for you - the general public, we want to give you some insides on how much we collected and how much we spent. We would also like to encourage other similar organizations to publish comparable numbers.

So far we collected a total of 776 Euro since we launched until the end of November 2018. This includes donations and membership fees (excluding "internal" donations from the core team itself).

On the spending side we had a total of 2451 Euro of expenses.

This money was primarily used for our infrastructure providing privacy enhancing services to the general public free of charge.

With that money we routed a total of over 5800 TiB of Tor traffic (rx+tx).

So statistically speaking we pushed more than 2.3 TiB of privacy enhancing traffic for every Euro spent. This should give you an idea on how efficiently your donation is transformed into privacy enhancing services like Tor bandwidth and since our monthly throughput is still growing our cost efficiency is also expected to get even better next year.

Until the end of next year we are aiming to collect a total of 3000 Euros via donations and membership fees to help cover some of our costs.

Thanks for supporting the operation of privacy enhancing technology services!